University of Patras, 1964-2021. 50 + 7 Years Later: Prehistory – Establishment – Development – Perspectives, 2nd edition

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The prehistory, the establishment, the development and the perspectives of the University of Patras are briefly presented in the booklet in hands, which is a revised issue of the first one. In the first chapter, an introduction to the city of Patras along with useful information about the city and its cultural treasures is provided. Subsequently, the interest is focused on the prehistory until the University's foundation in 1964 and the beginning of its operation in 1966.The continuous administrative, academic and building infrastructure development (new Departments, Schools, Institutes) is presented afterwards. A separate section is dedicated to the basic units of the University, the Research Institutes, the Scientific Park, the General University Hospital and the Museums. At the end of the booklet, an APPENDIX is given that contains significant tabulated data for the University such as human geography, administration heads, academic profile, rankings, etc.

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